The day of the presentation finally came, and we traveled to the school near the site where we last met the children with our PowerPoint presentation in hand. 


There were no walls to project onto and no power sources. So we had to get creative.  We took four laptops and spread them throughout the audience with a person stationed at each one. Then each would push the page advance button at the same time. 


We did the whole thing through a translator. Half the audience spoke English and half spoke Swahili. 

It couldn't have gone better. When they saw the renderings there was a huge applause. I have never gotten that sort of reaction before. 


They were almost too excited and they will need to remember that it is still a long way off.  A lot of money needs to be raised before they can start anything. But the drawings make it look real as if could happen tomorrow. 

It will take time and a lot of determined people. But the people involved are so dedicated that it is very humbling.  I am only here for a short time but they will be spending the rest of their lives caring for these kids and this community. 


But the ending of the presentation was cut short. 

Continued on next blog post...