In architecture we have a dilemma we sometimes face called "scope creep". This is when the scope of the project gradually increases as the client discovers features they would like to add without considering the budget. Well with this project we have a little of what I am calling "passion creep".  You see, there is so much that they want to do to help these orphans that they would like to add a secondary school, a vocational school, a church, and a community center. It all stems from their desire to do all that is needed for these kids. But I couldn’t see how we will be able to fit everything on the site. We had to have some talks about priorities and how we can use this land to best serve the kids.



Some good news was the fact that the easement problem went away because the neighbors have their own access.

And our water test samples which weren't supposed to be completed until about an hour before our final presentation were just completed!  


In other news, we received an updated site plan from the field and found out that the site plan we were working with was wrong. We basically had to start from scratch with the master plan. It was rough for a while but then we had a break through and came up with a design that we were all excited about. After that we had the momentum to push through. 


Then the power went out, but we had to push through.


Up next, the presentation