The VMA Team attended the 27th annual 2015 Navy Gold Coast Conference this year in full force with David Vasquez, Shelley Bennett, Rob Bodenhamer and Jonathan Wetmore attending. We proudly displayed our VMA booth for the first time at this two-day event. Among many guest speakers, highlights included outstanding presentations from the new Director of the Navy Office of Small Business Emily Harman, Maria Contreras-Sweet of the US Small Business Administration and US House of Representative Duncan Hunter. The theme of the Gold Coast Conference this year was “Building Our Future Together, Through Innovation and Technology”. The advanced technology topics ranged from advanced IT solutions with new 3D Titanium Printers for parts fabrication to new highly efficient Hyper-Electric Drives and Fusion Reactors Credit to our War Fighters was well deserved in the presentation of the “Twice a Citizen Awards” given to several extremely dedicated members of the United States Navy.

The event was well attended and our booth drew quite a few visitors with exciting opportunities. Current teaming partners shared stories of past projects and encouraging comments on upcoming work for both private sector and military projects. Participation in events like this extends our vision and allows us to provide the best, most updated technologically advanced solutions to our customers.  This allows VMA to keep on the leading edge of technology for innovative design solutions and a sustainable future.

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